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Bankside Festival is an annual season of events and activities in Bankside, Borough and beyond from the beginning of June to the end of August.

It is curated and managed by the Bankside Festival Association a sub group of Living Bankside, which works with local artists, performers, charitable organisations, residents, businesses, institutions and other stakeholders.

The Festival celebrates the neighbourhood's rich history,
culture and diversity - connecting people together and promoting a sense of belonging in the oldest and magical part of London.

The festival is open to all walks of life and backgrounds; people from all ages, abilities, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, faiths including those of no particular faith


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Bankside Festival was founded by Amir Eden (Executive Chairman of Living Bankside) in July 2016.

The Festival originally comprised of  the Bankside Summer Festival and Bankside Winter Festival.

In the Summer of 2016 the first Bankside Summer Festival was held on Park Street with involvement from local businesses and key stakeholders.

That Winter of 2016 the first Bankside Winter Festival (a reference to the historic Frost Fairs on the River Thames by Bankside) was held in partnership with Borough Market.

In the aftermath of the London Bridge Attacks of 3rd June 2017 another Bankside Summer Festival was held bringing together the neighbourhood. 

Now the Bankside Festival returns as a summer celebration of Bankside, Borough and beyond. 

There are also plans for a Spring and Winter themed seasonal festival. Watch this space! 


What's On

The Great Get Together Bankside


Sat 25th June 2022 - 12:00-18:00

Living Bankside is pleased to host,

once again, this year’s Great Get Together Bankside. Now in its sixth year, the event is part of a nationwide series of weekend activities inspired by the memory of the late Jo Cox MP.

Jo Cox Way

Jo  Cox Way.png

Sun 31st July 2022 - 12:00-16:00

Once again Living Bankside will be welcoming dozens of cyclists taking part in a bike ride from Batley in Yorkshire to Bankside in London. Jo Cox Way is an annual activity inspired by the late Jo Cox MP - connecting communities together.  

Pride in Southwark


Sat 25th June - 2 July 2022 

Living Bankside is delighted to be hosting the inaugural Pride in Southwark with support from local businesses, LGBT organisations and other stakeholders. 


Sat 11th June – Sun 17th July 2022
Wednesdays & Weekends

Rip, shape and snip to piece together your very own wearable art in our weekend Make Studio


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If you would like to get involved, have any questions about the event or for any media enquiries please contact us using the information below: 

020 3488 7293


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